Full CV

Below is a summary, this is the full CV [PDF, 116 kB].

Personal data:

Citizenship: Germany

Languages: German (native), English (fluent), Dutch (nearly fluent), French (B2 level)

Current position:
  • 07/2016 – present: Postdoctoral researcher at GRAPPA & API at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Projects:  Multiwavelength and multimessenger study of blazars (Krauss, 2018 [#27 in list of publications]) and X-ray binaries (Krauss, in prep.),  X-ray observations of young AGN (Krauss, 2018 [#24]), multimessenger transient events for the next generation ESFRI facilities within the ASTERICS H2020 program.

Advisors: David Berge, Sera Markoff


Advisors: Joern Wilms, Matthias Kadler



Research interests

High-energy astrophysics, black hole systems in particular: dynamic multiwavelength (radio through gamma rays) and multimessenger information from jets (AGN and microquasars, X-ray observations of supernovae Ia, and peculiar AGN (young radio galaxies, unusual sources).


Member of the following collaborations: